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Experience Matters

Here at Regional Fire Services we are professionally motivated to be your fire sprinkler specialist for life and property.  We fully recognize that where fire protection is concerned, there is no margin for error.  For us, "good enough" isn't, because we strive to provide better services than those you'll find elsewhere.  Our creative team is willing to work hard to meet your fire protection needs by designing affordable fire systems well within your budget.  We invite you to experience a better way of doing business in the fire protection industry.  Bring an active team partner into your next project, ask for Regional Fire Services.

South Carolina  -  Lic. #1863

Preferred Brands and Manufactures


North Carolina  -  Lic. #33811

Protecting Life & Property


Bull Moose Tube Steel Piping




BlazeMaster CPVC Piping

Watts Ames

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